dissabte, 15 de desembre de 2018

Nuevo artículo publicado: Screen time and moderate-to-vigorous physical activity changes and displacement in adolescence: A prospective cohort study

Recientemente ha sido publicado un nuevo artículo realizado por compañeros y compañeras de la UTPAFIDE, consistente en el estudio longitudinal de los cambios y el posible desplazamiento del tiempo de actividad física en favor del tiempo de actividad sedentaria durante la adolescencia.

Aquí os dejamos el resumen original y la referencia completa, con un enlace para poder consultar el trabajo.


Background: This paper determines longitudinal changes in the time Spanish adolescents devote to moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) and screen media activity (SMA). Moreover, it examines the displacement hypothesis between time spent on SMA and MVPA.

Methods: A cohort of 755 adolescents participated in a prospective cohort study over a three-year period. Repeated measures ANOVA to highlight interaction effects among all variables and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) techniques were employed.

Results: Age and gender-related variations in longitudinal changes in time spent on MVPA and SMA evolved in the inverse direction (decreased on MVPA/increased on SMA) according to the ANOVA. The potential displacement between time spent on SMA and MVPA from Wave I to Wave II was analysed via SEM. The first model, estimated in the overall sample, showed no evidence for the displacement hypothesis. Subsequently, a multigroup sequence of panel models was performed and a partial displacement was observed only in boys. Hence, boys who spent more time on SMA were more likely to devote less time to MVPA three years later.

Conclusion: This study confirms the opposite trend on the time spent on MVPA and SMA over a three-year period, being clearly higher in SMA. Further SEM analyses reveal a deferred displacement hypothesis between SMA and MVPA only in boys. This partial gendered displacement may be linked to the different uses adolescents make of screen media. The incursion of new technological devices (smartphones or tablets) and their wide range of possibilities for social networking or gaming could explain this displacement.

Lizandra, J.; Devís-Devís, J.; Valencia-Peris, A.; Tomás, J.M.; y Peiró-Velert, C. (2018). Screen time and moderate-to-vigorous physical activity changes and displacement in adolescence: A prospective cohort study, European Journal of Sport Science. Disponible en: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/17461391.2018.1548649#.XBQ1vk3bHNk.email

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