dijous, 2 de desembre de 2010

Artículo en la revista norteamericana Youth and Society

Beltrán-Carrillo, VJ.; Devís-Devís, J.; Peiró-Velert, C. and Brown DHK When physical activity participation promotes inactivity: Negative experiences of Spanish adolescents in physical education and sport. Youth and Society, published online 1 December 2010. DOI: 10.1177/0044118X10388262

This article analyses negative experiences in physical education and sport reported during qualitative interviews of a group of inactive adolescent Spanish boys and girls. The purpose of this analysis is twofold. First and most important, it seeks to give voice to these young people reporting negative experiences and connect them to contexts of physical activity and sport in which they occurred in order to show how, ironically, inactivity is an unintended consequence. Second, the authors attempt to connect inactivity through negative experiences by drawing on conceptual notions of a gendered performativity culture, and symbolic violence. The authors conclude by commenting on how these insights may be useful to critically reflect on physical activity programs, which are too often considered an unquestionable good for all pupils who experience them.

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